Parichard Holm


Parichard is a certified Qigong, Tai Chi teacher and a certified Feng Shui consultant in Germany and the USA. She's cultivating these Daoist's practices with dedication and joy for 21 years. She also studied Fine Arts in Los Angeles and is a graduate designer.


Parichard shares her extensive knowledge with her students and clients in order to get into a strong connection to their inner space through "energy work"- movements, and the support from the enviornmental influences, to realize inner freedom and oneness. Further materializing their inner potentials harmoniously in the outer world through experiences in different fields of their lives.


In 1996, she certified as a group trainer of the 18 movements of the Tai Chi Qigong was later qualified by Master Lee to teach the 24 Beijing form, Yang style, in Berlin.
In 1999, she began to practice Tai Chi Chuan-Yang style with Grandmaster William CC Chen and became a certified teacher "Sifu" in Tai Chi Chuan "Body Mechanics" in 2000 in Germany and later in 2004 in the USA.

She studied Feng Shui with Petra Coll-Exposito in Berlin and is a certified Feng Shui consultant since 2002.

She deepened her knowledge in Tai Chi Chuan and Pushing Hands (Toui-Shou) with Master Rosa Chen (Taipei), Luis Molera (Germany), Nils Klug (Germany), Nathan Managed (USA), Dr. Ping-Siang Tao (Taipei), Benjamin Lo (USA) and Maggie Newman (USA). Her teachers in Qigong and Wai Tan Kung were Peter Weinrich and Master Hong Thay Lee (Germany) and Master Mantak Chia (Thailand). She studied Pushing Hands - Wu Style with Master Yuanhua Yan, Los Angeles. Her principal teacher in Tai Chi Chuan is Grandmaster William CCChen.

Parichard has taught Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong since 1996 in sports studios, universities, medical recreation and fitness centers, and also in private companies in Berlin (1996-2002, 2012 to current) and Los Angeles (2002-2011).

Parichard is certified to teach the 60 and 128 movements of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan form and its applications as self defense, as well as the sword form, shape refinement and pushing hands. She is also authorized to train teachers in Grandmaster William CCChen's Yang form, 60 movements.

Parichard's qualifications in Qigong empowers her to teach the 18 movements of the Tai Chi Qigong and Wai Tan Kung, both she teaches Dao-Yin and the Eight Taoist Treasures, Cosmic Healing. As a Tao practitioner, she received a degree in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (2001-2004). She is Certified Head of Tai Chi for Arthrosis Level I & Level II, Sun Style, by Dr. Paul Lam and certified by the Arthritis Foundation US since 2011.

Parichard practiced Tibetan Bon Buddhism. Her teacher, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, has a great influence on the awarness of meditation and transfomation in all her lessons and deliberations.

International Championships:
Gold - 24 Beijing Tai Chi Chuan Yang form Berlin, Germany, 1996.
Gold- William Chen Tai Chi Chuan Yang form

Martial Arts Championship, Orlando, Florida 2004.
Bronze- Fixed Pushing Hands World Champion
Gold- Foreigner Fixed Pushing Hands
Gold Foreigner Moving Pushing Hands

World Chuang Hwa Cup Taipei, Taiwan 2004.
Gold- Pushing Hands US Champion
Silver- Restricted Moving Pushing Hands Bronze-

William Chen Tai Chi Chuan Yang form

Martial Arts Championship, Orlando, Florida 2005.


Mitglied des
Taijiquan & Qigong Netzwerk Deutschland e.V.



Masters and Teachers
In gratitude to all my teachers and Masters I learned from.


Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, New York, New York

Grandmaster William C.C.Chen started teaching in the 1950’s when he was a live- in student of the famous Great-Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching who preferred to be called Professor Cheng. He was involved competitively in the various free-style, Chinese Wushu. In 1958, he won the second place in the Taiwan national Olympic Competition. Master Chen is considered one of the world’s leading martial arts technicians. Inside Kung Fu Magazine recognized Master Chen as one of the Top most influential Chinese Martial Artists; because he has shown the world that the principles of Tai Chi Chuan can be used as an effective fighting art. His school is based in New York City.

60 movement of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, 132 movement Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Form refinement, Application, Pushing Hands,
San-Shou, Sword form Yang Style

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Virginia

Founder and spiritual director of Ligmincha Institute, is an acclaimed author as well as a highly respected and beloved teacher to students throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. Fluent in English, Tenzin Rinpoche is renowned for his depth of wisdom; his clear, engaging teaching style; and his ability to make the ancient Tibetan teachings highly accessible and relevant to the lives of Westerners.
Tibetan Sound Healing, Healing with Form, Energy and Light, Tsa Lung, Sherab Chamma, Tummo: The Inner Fire of Realization

Master Mantak Chia, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Universal Healing

Maggie Newman, New York
Tai Chi Yang-Style, Tai Chi Sword form

Master Benjamin Lo, San Francisco
Tai Chi Yang- Style

Master Yan, Los Angeles
Wu- Style, appliication, Pushing Hands, Qigong

Dr. Tao Ping Siang (RIP)
Pushing Hands

Sifu Luis Molera (RIP)
Tai Chi Yang- Style, Tai Chi Fan, Pushing Hands

Sifu Nils Klug, Hannover
Tai Chi Yang- Style, Tai Chi Sword, Pushing Hands

Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, Kuala Lumpur (RIP)
Feng Shui

Joey Yap, Kuala Lumpur
Feng Shui, Xuan Kong, Chinese Astrology

Petra Coll Exposito, Berlin
Feng Shui

Patrician McCathy, Los Angeles
Chinese Face Reading

Peter & Joanne Shea, Asheville
Taoist Bodywork